Slav To The Rhythm - Cover


Slav To The Rhythm - Cover
Slav To The Rhythm - 2012

Currently the last album is only available in Norway. That is no way to go.
We’re working on distribution for all other countries! But in the meantime – if you cannot wait – send a mail and we’ll think of something…

We’ll update as soon as we know anything ourselves!


2 thoughts on “Distribution”

  1. Just listened the new album “Slave to the rhytm”. Very nice. Question: The last track “Man is ancient history”, opens with a short version of “Bularian Bulge”, played originally on “Don Ellis Big Band Goes Underground” (1969) and later on “Tears of Joy” (1971) with Don ellis Big Band and the pianist Milcho Leviev.
    Am I rigt or am I right?

  2. You’re “right”:)
    As far as we know it originates from Sadovska grupa and Georgi Pendov( credited on our version).

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