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  1. Hi guys –
    Congrats on the new CD release! I live in the states, and can’t find anyone to sell it to me; all the online stores I can find ship to Europe only. Any idea on how or where I can get it? Will it be released on iTunes anytime soon? Thanks for your help.

  2. Great great outdoor-concert in Tivoli’s garden, yesterday in Copenhagen! A bit cold though, 8 degrees, but you kept us warm!
    I bought the ‘Slav To The Rythm’ CD there, and I think its your best! Your mix of jazzfusion, prog. & Balkanmusic & whatever is unique, and you are about the tightest oddmeter playing unit I have ever heard – Ivo Papasov would have loved it too, i’m sure! Fantastic accordion playing with new sounds!
    Did I hear snippets of the Trololo-man in the grand-prix-eurovision medley ???? The ‘indian’ guitarsolo by Nils-Olav was awesome!!
    Come back !

  3. ‘Slav to the Rhythm’ is a Monster Guys! What a metamorphism from things past and you have ticked all the boxes with this one. Still true to the groups Balkan grounding it’s just that things have moved up a notch, resulting my favourite release of the year. I have been following Papasov for years going back to to his ‘Trakia days in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Trifon is great and so are all the band, first class musicianship, composition, execution and production. As a Jazz fan your working in of Mahavishnu, Ponty, and did I hear Avishi Cohen trade mark bass phrasing is wonderful. I’m full of superlatives over ‘Slav’, it’s so addictive but I too can’t find distribution in North America. When and if Amazon list the disc
    I will be submitting a 5 star review. I have given a copy to the local Student radio station
    to plug it and hopefully you will get the deserved rewards, it’s been a revelation to me!

  4. Hørte dere på P2 i kveld. Holdt på å kjøre av veien. Hvor får jeg kjøpt den nye CDen?

  5. Hej Finn, Stian, Jarle, Nils-Olaf & Mr. Trifonov
    Slave To The Rhythm är er bästa platta So Far.
    När kommer ni och besöker Sverige igen?
    Vi i Örnsköldsvik lever fortfarande på ert senaste besök
    Keep On Skanking

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