Farmers Market

Farmers Market

The self titled “Farmers Market”, the 3rd recording from Farmers Market.

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Guest musicians

  • Georgi Andréev (Gadulka)
  • Filip Simeonov (Trumpet & clarinet)
  • Ivan Atanassov (Tapan)
  • Krassimir Kondoff (Gaida)
  • Nedjalko Nedjalov (Kaval)
  • Jai Shankar (Tablas)


  • Tonka Dimitrova
  • Darina Mileva
  • Radka Stefanova
  • Diana Velichkova

Produced by Farmers Market
Co-Producer: Ole Vik

Recorded at Overtone, Bogen, Norway
Engineer: Ole Vik
Additional recording at Bugges Room, Oslo, Norway
Engineer: Bugge Wesseltoft
Digital re-mixing and mastering at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Engineer: Adrian von Ripka
Producer of the re-mixing and master session: Stefan Winter

Farmers thanks: Øystein Wika, Ole Vik, the Bulgarian Musicians, FFUK and NKAF.

W&W 910 056-2


  1. Ramadan’s slow Song & Dance
  2. A young Girl made a Crown of Forest Flowers
  3. Graovo Dance
  4. Monkey’s Dance
  5. Les Paul, more John
  6. New Smeseno
  7. Some fag Rag
  8. Jog Trot
  9. Jabber
  10. The straight One
  11. Ornamental Boogie
  12. Old slow Melody
  13. Trifonov’s 5th

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