Finn Guttormsen

Finn Guttormsen is the urban alibi of the band.

He was born in Mosjøen, a village which used to have official status as a town until the early 80’s. His parents discovered that Finn had a talent for music and decided to cash in on this fact, and before he knew it he was playing euphonium in the local marching band. But Finn’s musical heart was beating for ABBA, and euphonium didn’t quite do the trick in this genre. So he went out and bought a Hofner bass.

When Finn got to high school he was more into AC/DC and Van Halen. He and two friends started a band and where going to be rockstars. But they never got past the intros of the tunes, cause no one wanted to sing. So they had a repertoire of 40-50 intros by the end of high school. That’s how Finn got into jazz – it sounded like never-ending intros…the singer never started…

Finn went to Trondheim to study at the University. At the end of this year he got accepted at the Conservatory of Music in Trondheim, dept of jazz. and the his academic career was over. Here he found the guys that could play only intros – 40-50 in a row… and all the other stuff that Farmers Market do.

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