Jarle Vespestad

Jarle Vespestad was a wild child. His parents actually kept him on a leash to prevent him from running up and down the walls. He only calmed down when he found something to hit. So he became a drummer in the local marching band.., after hysterically refusing to play the trumpet he first was assigned.

He didn’t take his drumming seriously until he after high school found himself heading into a future as a substitute teacher at his local high-school. He made his decision to be a musician, went to a pre-college school for a year and practiced 24 hours a day. After 6 months he came up for air and discovered that almost all the girls at school had been taken. He took a short break, made his choice and went for it… (They’re still going at it).

He returned to his drums, and when school was over he got accepted at the Conservatory of Music in Trondheim, dept. of jazz. Here he became the driving force behind many successful bands to come out of Trondheim the following years, one of which luckily was Farmers Market.

Farmers Market – The band