Trifon Trifonov

Trifon Trifonov is born and raised , and still lives in Katunitza, Bulgaria. This is a small village just outside Plovdiv.

He lives with his music and love to people , which he tries to entertain with his sax.
All his relatives are emigrants in the USA, searching for better life – his niece Nevyana, finished with a medal university in the USA and at the moment she works as an English teacher.

His father was an old style folk clarinet-player, and his mother, while she was alive, recorded 80 bulgarian songs in 4 days in the year 2000!

Trifon is one of Bulgaria’s most respected saxophonist and travels a great deal playing weddings around Bulgaria. When Farmers Market saxophonist, Håvard Lund, left the band fall of 1995, we had to look to Bulgaria for a replacement. We got our friend, Borislav Zgourowski (kaval player on Speed/Balkan/Boogie), to record some saxophonists around Bulgaria and send the tapes. Among the tapes we heard Trifon’s and it knocked us over.
Trifon and Stian jammed – over the phone – for about an hour. There was no question.
And we where lucky to get Trifon to join the band. In 80’s he studied in “Pop music”-department in Sofia conservatory, so he’s easy to communicate with. He came to Norway, and as he put it – his “dreames came true”. We rehearsed for 2 days, and went on our first tour together. It was december 1996..!

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