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Sweden last day, Månstorps Gavlar

Last breakfast at Bäckaskog Castle. This has been the perfect headquarters for our stay in Sweden. After this evenings concert at Månstorps Gavlar we’ll stay in Malmö for the night and catch our flight back to Norway from Copenhagen tomorrow.

We say byebye to the wonderful Castle and give our thanks to The Plastic Fantastic.

Arrived at Månstorps Gavlar. Amazing place:)

Lunch at Vellinge Golf club.
Fore crying out loud…


Sweden day 5, Eslöv – Trollsjöparken

Benedikte discovers our homepage. Refresh the page, Benedikte…

Thor, God of Thunder, decided to turn up for lunch today.

On our way to Eslöv.

We have arrived at the park.

Backstage during the intermission Lars Holm shows up. His transcribtion of Gankino Horo was the first bulgarian tune we ever tried to play back in 1991! Small world:)

Midtsommerjazz, Ålesund on 19.06.2010

Live web-tv

Arrived and backstage

Trifon has arrived. Linecheck in 5 and concert in 35 minutes.

Bjørn Klakegg with his homegrown guitar. With a removable mic setup, spare mic in the vibrato bar and other must-haves. He’s playing after us with Thomas Strønen and Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen – Needlepoint. A must-see



…and concert!

And then we leave the stage over to…
Bjørn Klakegg

Thomas Strønen

Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen


Bäckaskog Castle

Vis større kart

Kivik Art Centre

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