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Goin to France

Today we’re playing at a clarinet festival in France. Will be exciting:)
Jarle, Finn and “Also The Stig” ( soundguy ) currently at Charles De Gaulle waiting for a connecting flight to Rennes.

At Charles De Gaulle
Killing time.

Arrived at the festival in Glomel.


A quick rehearsal…


Stepping into our backstagearea to prepare for the concert.

Backstage at Glomel
Backstage - Interior


Slav To The Rhythm - Cover
Slav To The Rhythm - 2012

Currently the last album is only available in Norway. That is no way to go.
We’re working on distribution for all other countries! But in the meantime – if you cannot wait – send a mail and we’ll think of something…

We’ll update as soon as we know anything ourselves!


A week in Sweden

Off to Sweden for 2 days rehearsal and 4 days of concerts with Mats Rondin and Isidor Chamber Orchestra.

Flew from Oslo to Copenhagen and was picked up for a drive to final destination at Bäckaskog Castle, Sweden. Here we will rehearse for two days and play the first of four concerts.

Crossing the bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

Brought a wlan modem to make sure we nevvvver again are left in the hands of the otherwise nice and helpful receptio-wlan-what-is-that-think-we-are-fresh-out-of-it-nists of the modern world:)

At Backaskog Castle. We left home without our bathingsuits but the water does not seem to mind:)

And finally we get some work done before dinner.

By the way – the location is beautiful:)

Molde jazzfestival

Vis større kart